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With a huge variety of styles and a seemingly unlimited number of flavors, vaporizers are more popular now than ever before! Even non-smokers enjoy vaporizers for their delicious and refreshing flavors. Vape For The Win has a huge selection of vaporizers from all of the top manufacturers. Our vaporizers range in style from compact to high-tech, and budget-friendly to top-notch. Plus, we stock over 200 flavors of e-juice for your puffing pleasure.

Selecting the right vaporizer means considering just a few factors. Are you a heavy smoker or vaper, or do you expect to just take a few puffs here and there? Does it need to fit in your pocket, or do you carry a purse or bag?

Compact vaporizers are close in size and weight to e-cigarettes, which makes them both discreet and portable. However, compact vaporizers also allow at-home e-liquid refills, and tend to have longer battery life compared to e-cigarettes. E-liquid refills cost less than e-cigarette cartridges, and come in a wider variety of flavors. If you’re a non-smoker, and simply enjoy the taste of flavored vapor, a compact vaporizer is a good choice.

Larger vaporizers sacrifice some convenience of size for a few handy upgrades. They tend to have longer battery life compared to compact vaporizers, allowing as many as 2,000 puffs between charges. Some models also track and display your total nicotine intake, total number of puffs, and remaining battery life. These models are great for people who are trying to quit smoking or otherwise limit their nicotine intake.

Some models even sync with computer and mobile phone applications that set and track nicotine-intake reduction goals!

Whatever your style preference or budget, Vape For The Win has the perfect vaporizer for you. Stop in today to see our full selection!

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